Monday, August 24, 2009

Roots, Bloody Roots

I should've dyed my hair in June.

So it's been awhile, yes. My roots are coming in with a vengeance. VENGEANCE!

I realize that. I know that half my hair is blonde, and the other half is DARK blonde. Oh, the shame. I hang my head, surely.

But here's the thing... there are factors that have been preventing me from fixing this unbecoming problem.

1. I'm indecisive and wasn't sure whether to stick to the usual highlights, or finally take the plunge and go dark. At this point, I'm 85% sure of the darkness a-comin'.

2. My regular hairdresser is in St. Catharines, and I haven't been back home in many many months. I rarely trust someone new, and don't know where to go.

3. MONEY. In order to have it done properly, it's gonna cost me a pretty penny. And at this point, the only pennies I have are ugly. I have to pay bills and such before succumbing to vanity. Responsiblities, ya heard of em?

So try and remember that when you come up to me daily and tell me how badly I need to "do something about my hair".

Cuz, gosh golly gee! I hadn't noticed.

Moral of the story?


Unless you're going to give me money and steer me in the direction of the best hairdresser in Toronto, you'd be wise to keep it to yourself.

You will only have to deal with my appalling appearance for a short while longer, and then you can finally sleep at night knowing that my hair is all one colour.

Stay strong til then. Use the force, Luke.



Varon Aail said...

Could you do something about your hair already? Gah-lee! I'll make it easy for you. Blonde, Just For Men. 10 bucks and a lot of fun.

You do realize that there's a conspiracy afoot by women to charge other women up the wazoo for salon services, don't you?

Anonymous said...

"Unless you're going to give me money and steer me in the direction of the best hairdresser in Toronto, you'd be wise to keep it to yourself."

Don't tempt me now dammit!


Kris said...

Rarin' Rail - Yep.

Still pulling for the blonde, eh? Where's my photohopped picture?!

Wil - That's my job, I'm a vile temptress. Wait. I don't think 'vile' is the word I really want there. Ah well.

Unknown said...

Start a Dye My Hair fund!! I'm sure someone would help you out, I always like your hair any colour, you have that modele's face that could take on any hair. It's not fair :P

Kris said...

Ooh, I SHOULD hold a fundraiser!

And thanks, girly. You're far too sweet.

Heff said...

Blonde with dark roots looks very cool to me. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Well there goes my fun over here, Heff has caught up to me again.


Kris said...

Heff - everytime i dye my hair, i think of your and apologize.

Wil - who wouldnt wanna catch up to you?

Kris said...

er.. YOU.. I think of yoU. Not your. That could be taken the wrong way.


Anonymous said...

Huh, it's like a desert in here.


Kris said...

Yeah, this is my "sometimes blog", whereas my other one is my "more than sometimes blog".

There'll be something soon. Mama's been busy with work, like some kinda chump!

Anonymous said...

You referring to yourself as "Mama" actually kind of turns me on for some strange reason.