Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This Post Is To No One And Everyone.

I have issues.

Issues with myself, and issues in relationships.
Can't deny it, so this is me admitting it.

I have a crapload of issues.

I'm severely insecure. I'm jealous.
I suffer from depression. I overanalyze.
I fall too hard after fighting to not fall at all.
I'm stubborn, and I'm pretty much always right.
I naively want the forever-kinda-love.

So that's me. And I've always let these things ruin me. Bring me lower, and blame myself for failures.

But y'know what? Fuck that.

I'm also pretty friggin' awesome.
I'm insanely loyal. I'm supportive.
I love deeply.
I'd give you everything I owned if it would make you happy.

I'm fun. I'll make you laugh until you can only cry.
I'll drink more beer than you, but you'll be amused by it.
I'll sit and watch the game with you. And enjoy it.
I'll be in my element at a concert with you. And you'll enjoy it.
I'll make you wonder where I've been all your life.
And I'll make you love me.

So if I've allowed myself to be beaten down by others in the past,
or to feel unappreciated and unwanted,
and just plain not good enough...

That's their issue.

We all have many flaws.
But I will no longer let you, or anyone, make me feel like less
because of mine.


phx said...

Damn right you are awesome!! Never forget that! Hugs!

Kris said...

Thanks girly! :)

Mike D. said...

You're amazing and whoever made you feel like less is not worth your time.

Kris said...

Thanks D. It's pretty much directed to everyone I've ever know. Sorta.

ghost said...

im pretty sure ive said this before. no one ever listens to me.

but, yeah. youre pretty damn remarkable.

Kris said...

I listened to you, I promise. Just takes awhile for that kinda stuff to stick in my brain (ask all my exes :p).

And thank you. Hope you're still enjoying the Deftones B-sides and stuff!

you know said...

i love this blog!

Kris said...

Thanks Tony!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tony. I just read this entire blog and I love the way you have written it, from start to finish. And this post sounds to me like you 're realizing you deserve, and will now settle for, only the best. Good luck!

Kris said...

You were just commenting on my other blog, weren't ya? I can tell by the way you type. Heh. Thank you... again... for the nice words.

Born with a big mouth! said...

were we separated at birth? So ..... don't be mad, but i am copying and pasting this into my blog .... it's like you were writing for me! SO .... be flattered. And if you are not then tell me cause you are my friend, that I adore! and i will remove it!

Kris said...

Oh hell, post away! I am flattered :) And hey, maybe we were separated at birth. Heh.

(& if you don't mind linking it back here, I'd love you forever 'n ever!)

Unknown said...

Oh hi.
Sometimes I forget that we came from the same place....in Uncle Cookie's uterus. Then I read stuff like this.

We'll get what we deserve one day...even if we have to give it to eachother.


That sounded much dirtier than I intended.

Kris said...

I effin' love you, lady.