Saturday, October 23, 2010

No One To Cry To, No Place To Call Home

I fooled them.
Tough words and careless shrugs - everyone will buy it.

I wouldn't wish those old feelings on anyone,
certainly not myself.
But they've made a home in the pit of my stomach,
to constantly make me sick
and brings tears over years upon years of hurt that go unfixed.

But they believe it doesn't matter to me.

No one knows me well enough to know better.
That in itself is what makes me sad.

My own fault, perhaps.


RealSuperKeith said...

You know I never noticed this link on your other site until today.

Don't be sad. Take this and repeat every once in a while to generate that extra motivating factor vs the baddies still lingering in your thoughts...

- it's sung from the perspective of a guy but just subsitute a few key words...

Get the Led out

ghost said...

we seem to be a lot alike. sometimes i feel if i could just find a way to puke it all up, i'd feel better.

Kris said...

Keith - Thanks, friend-o. Consider that Led gotten out. ;)

ghost - Yep. Would be nice. It's like emotional bulimia, but it doesn't work.