Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Did They Get You To Trade Your Heroes For Ghosts?

I've recently realized just how many people live their entire lives like a game. They play with people. Nothing is completely real, based on emotion or actual feeling - it's strategic. A means to an end that is somehow considered "winning".

It's tiring. As someone who has been a game-piece and as an outsider who has stood by and watched other pieces played... it is honestly draining.

I may not always do the smart thing. I absolutely am driven by feelings and emotions and I sometimes let my brain take a backseat. That isn't always bad - in fact, it's as real as you can get. Feelings are meant to be felt. Emotions acted upon, within reason.

But for those who play games? Well, they can't be read. They are often selfish and arrogant to the point that they are no longer remotely aware of how others may feel. And if they were? It wouldn't matter. It's part of the win.

That's why lately it's been beyond refreshing to meet some people who have absolutely no time for games.

They're about honesty. Being forthright. Everything is right on the table; everyone knows where they stand. No questions.

This is how it should be.

The only game I wanna play is Scrabble.